need help with adcom gear.

i have a pair of klipsch heresy's that were custom built for my name sake "bigjoe" that ive been storing for several years & ive finally decided on what to do with them.

i want to build an all white adcom system for my wife around the heresy's & ive seen white amps,preamps,tuners & pre-tuner combo's but ive yet to see an all white adcom cd player.

does anybody know if this was ever made or better yet how i can get my hands on it.

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Remove the face plate and chassis and have them painted white at an automotive paint place. I bet that would look pretty damn slick.
Yes Adcom did make a GCD-575 player in white. I had one a long time ago. You see them every once in awhile on ebay. I have the white drawer cover for one but sold the player. Good luck in your search
My recollection was that the older Adcom stuff used to run pretty bright and forward... You really sure you want to pair that Klipsch speakers? Could be wrong here--its been a while...
I agree about the older Adcom sound. You'd probably be much better off with their current MOSFET amps... The latest pre-amp, too.
- I own 2 5500s, I admit my bias.
hi guys,as the saying goes great minds think alike,as slappy mentioned about painting the gear i will take that route with the amp face plates as i do want the newer mosfet amps & the 12 volt trigger is a must.

ive allready looked into havin the guy who paints all my scooters paint the face plates,no problem there but i might have to settle on the older model cdp & pre in order to get white.

ed & dan,i agree 100% on the older adcom amps but i allready have a reference system so i will sacrafice sonics for looks on the preamp & cdp for this new rig.

the main thing for me on this little rig will be looks,as a matter of fact 100% of this rig MUST be looks,the custom heresy's we have are very special & have much sentimental value to our family & my wife will only accept white gear or back in the boxes they go.

the cdp is gonna be the hard part,im gonna email adcom & see if they can help with either some new old stock face plates or maybee even a custom build from the factory,if they cant help its off to the hunt on ebay land.

if anybody ever see's the cdp will you please let me know asap,i will return the favor if i can.

thanks, mike.