Need help adding outdoor speakers to current setup

Hi all -- I need some help (again) from the experts here at Audiogon.

My current setup: pair of Totem Staaf speakers hooked into a Primaluna Prologue Classic intergrated amp, Bluesound Node 2 (stream my from my iphone and optical from TV), Pro-Ject Carbon Espirit and phono pre-amp. Is it possible, using this current setup, to add speakers outdoors and possibly another room? If possible, what is the best/recommended way to do this? Thank you all very much for your time and hope to find a solution!

As far as I can tell from their Website, it's not possible.  You only have 1 set of speaker outputs and the unit does not have an external processor loop that would allow you to drive a second amplifier.  Maybe someone else here knows more about the rig and will have a different answer, but it looks to me like you need a different integrated.

Good luck & happy listening!
One way to do it is connect the Primaluna Prologue Classic intergrated amp speaker output to a speaker selector:

Please read the installation and operation guide carefully for using tube amp:
Using the SS-4 with Tube-Type Amplifiers
Virtually all tube amplifiers must have a load connected at all times. If the amplifier to be connected to the SS-4/SS-6 is a tube amplifier, be sure to always have at least one pair of speakers switched on at all times. An alternative is to permanently connect a 150 ohm, 5 watt resistor across the tube amplifier’s output in parallel with the SS-4