Need Coaching re: Maggies & Subs

I'd welcome some experienced coaching re: the following scenario. Looking to purchase new Maggies (most likely 1.7's) to be driven by a Mac 402 Amp (400 watts per).

1. I have a smallish room (15.2'W x 14.2'D x 8'-9' (varying) ceiling height. Do smaller maggies work better in smaller rooms? or does it matter? I'm assuming placement in this room will be a bit challenging with ANY maggies...just wondering if staying smaller (mmg or 1.7) will help?

2. I'm growing convinced that I'd be happier by adding a good quality sub to the maggies. I listened to a rather expensive REL ($6K)...but after reading a stellar Absolute Sound review of a smaller REL T2 (less than $1K), I'm wondering if anyone has listened to this combination--and can recommend for/against?

I always get great coaching from my Audiogon mates and i'm sure this time will be no different. I welcome any and all to contribute. Thanks!
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You might try (if possible)a diagonal arrangement of the speakers in a (almost) square room. It would be better than 'square' with the room. And with the smaller sub I think you will be in great shape.
I used Maggie MG12 with the Velodyne DD-10 sub and Mc MC-352 that made a great system. My Living/listening room is 22 x 20 and open at the side and back so IMHO you might find the 1.7 a little much for your dedicated room since maggies need volume to sound their best. Be sure to have some DSP room equalization for low frequency control. If the sub you use doesn't have this feature on board Velodyne makes a stand alone system that is very affordable. You might also benefit from a visit to the Mapleshade records website. They make a great speaker stand for Maggies. Listen every day.
I've tried many, many subs with my Maggies (JL Audio, Rel, Velodyne DD, SVS, Sunfire, Vandersteen, Martin Logan...), and I just got a Definitive Technology Supercube I ( I was going to buy 2, but am sticking with one), and it's awesome.

You can use LFE and speaker level connections simultaneously, so it's super flexible. Oh yeah, and it's unbelievably fast and DEEP!!

Oh yeah, not expensive either.
The 'myth' that Maggies have to be played loud to sound best is a myth.
I never play at more than 80dB "C" weighted, and usually around 70dB.
Actually my speakers are situated so they actually sound not good if played loud.
It is easy to place them so they sound great at whatever decible range one prefers.
You might consider a passive Less amp to plug in.
About the room size, you are on the edge of having a room a bit too small for the 1.6/1.7 models. I recommend you look at the Magnestand site for some pointers on models and room size.
I've used the little MMGs with two 12" Rythmik subs and gotten great results. Integration is the key and - IMHO - digital room correction of the subs will make all the difference in the world. I use a NHT X-2 x-over to roll off the MMGs and a Velodyne SMS-1 to correct the Rythmiks for room induced anomolies.

The MMGs sell for (I think) $600, the SMS-1 is $450, the X-2 is $300, and the Rythmiks were $1600/pr. Just under $3K gets a beautifully integrated, full range system that is smoother and flatter thru the bass region than any non-corrected speaker I've ever heard.

You can move up the Maggie line for the same $, but I definitely prefer this solution (and, yes, I've previously owned 3.5s).

Martykl, I applaud your solution. I originally bought the MMG straight from the factory and loved them. I only changed to the MG12 because I could take advantage of the factory sponsored full-trade in offer. Being able to go from 3.5 to MMG with DSP is the essence of being involved in this hobby. Thanks for your post. Listen every day.
Go with the 1.7, your room is similar is size to mine and they work just fine. Not sure of your budget but any of the upper end Martin Logan subs are good, Grotto and Depth being the most affordable. Velodynes also work, good things have been said about Rhythmik as well. Maggies are really not that hard to match with a sub despite what you may read. I have used a cheapo $250 ported sub with my 1.6s and it was just fine. Not the best but would work on a low budget.
My brother has an Infinity Cascade Model 15 sub, and its pretty amazing. Four 6 inch drivers, 800 watts, room correction, 100 pounds, etc. Normally $1,800...vanns has them for $500. Those small drivers are really quick and should match with your maggies well.

I'd do two of them for the ultimate in bass. :-D

Go with the 1.7s. They sound fantastic!
Just wanted to say that I agree that your room is probably big enough for 1.7's. The 3.6's and 20.1's would be dicey. For subs, smaller drivers tend to mate better. So do sealed ones. And if you can swing it, two subs, arranged symmetrically, can give you more uniform bass response than one.