need advise on speaker buying

i am investing in a good sounding system for music i have a home theater system already . i have all the equiptment for my audio system except for the speakers. i have listened to the b&w 801's for hours and i love the way they sound when the are cranked up i have not listened to the 802 i here alot of talk about all these other speakers like hale, wilson, tannoy ect. are the 802 as good as the 801s? i have not heard them yet! i will be biamping the speakers with classe amps. please help are there any othere speakers which are not as pricey as the 801 which have the sound staging, imaging and texture i am looking for. every high end audio store i go into they try to sell the 801's i live in new jersey so there is limited high end audio stores to listed to a good varity fo speakers.
I suggest you lose every dealer you have dealt with. Buying your speakers last? You always buy speakers FIRST. Would you buy tires before you knew which car you wanted? As far as B&W N802/N801, I suggest you listen to the Dunlavy SC-IV/A (same price as N802, and a better speaker than the N801), also easier to drive (91db).
If you like the sound of the B&W 801, but don't have the money, go for the 802's. They sound similar, although with less extension in the low end (but more then enough for me though). Just make sure you listen with your own gear, because the speakers must work well with your amp. If that's not possible, make sure your dealer offers some kind of money-back guarantee. As for buying speakers last: no, the best thing is to buy everything in one time, but if finances don't allow that, it doesn't really matter what you buy first. Otherwise upgrading would be impossible... The most important thing is to listen. If you like what you hear, buy it. You must listen to it, you pay for it, so you should be happy.
That's a mixed bag of good and bad advice. ALWAYS buy your speakers FIRST, and it ALWAYS matters when building a system from start to finish. Yes, the best thing would be to buy everything at once, but that almost never happens (we have *1* customer who bought everything at once; people almost always do it in steps, usually in the form of upgrades). Everything will revolve around your spkr purchase, especially your amplifier/s. Buy the amp before the speakers and you might find out the amp doesn't have enough power for the speakers you decide on (among other things). Speakers first (cables last).
As far as B&W N802 vs N801, I would take the N802 between the two. B&W's have problems with realistic bottom end, especially on the 801s, and especially if there are room problems (too small, too close to a wall) and even more so if your amp is lacking in power. N802s multiple smaller bass drivers do a better job than the large bass driver in the N801. I have owned B&W (several 801s, 802, 808, and 800), and now I own Dunlavy (Aletha & SC-IV/A). Regardless of your speaker choice, make sure you have an idea of what your complete system will be before purchasing.
It sounds like you are getting some good information. Speakers first is best, but it seems you have passed that point. As for what sounds best, that is always determined by what your listening taste are. I might suggest if you can get to Philadelphia, Pa, go to Soundex. That is one of the best exhibits for high-end audio I have visited, nationwide. They have lots of top end choices for many top end lines, all under one roof. You just move from one listening room to the next. The education is worth the trip! Which one? The Dunlavy line is great. The IVa’s are an exceptional value, especially if you can find them used. I would also suggest the Dynaudio Line; I like the 5’s or 3’s. If you can find them used, Duntechs are great too. There are no North American Dealers, just go direct. Duntech will sell you new drivers at a very reasonable price so you can purchase an older pair & update them yourself with new drivers. The Prince or Sovereign 2000’s are good considerations. I think any of these lines are among the very best in accurate sound reproduction. I have owned Vandersteen Model IV’s, Wilson Watt Puppies, Magnapans, Martin Logan’s, Beverage Model V’s, all of which have a common sound characterizes. My preferences are with Dunlavy, Dynaudio or Duntech, all of which are excellent choices. I currently am using the Duntech Sovereign 2000’s. My first choice, in any price range! Good Luck
Your in luck. The Dealer you should be using in N.J. is John Rutan at The Audio Connection. They are in Verona and his number is 973-239-1799. He knows his stuff, carries great brands and is HONEST. I have dealt with him for years. Good Luck.
Having owned (in order), the Thiel 2.3, Meadowlark HotRods, B&W Nautilus 802's, Dunlavy V's and now the Pipedreams model 15, my recommendation is the Dunlavy SCIVA's which retail for around 8K (less than the B&W). Note the other recommendations also include Dunlavy. The previous recommendation regarding the Princess is no surprise either as the Princess and the Dunlavy products are the result of John Dunlavy's work. Within your price range, you can not go wrong with the Dunalvy product.
Alon by Accarian Systems. Just in case you would ever care to listen to music also. The others mentioned are great for handling loud explosions, etc, though.
"Just in case you would ever care to listen to music also". Hmm. My pick for the best speaker mentioned thus far is Dunlavy. What is your reference? What experience has brought you this conclusion? What do I consider my reference? Hifi systems? A deafening 120db rock concert? What a reviewer wrote? No. LA (USA), NYC (USA), London (England), Vienna (Austria) Budapest (Hungary), Krakov (Poland), etc. These are a few (actually most) of the places I have attended live symphonies in. Dunlavy recreates it as close to the real thing as you're going to get. BTW, I have also owned 100's of other speakers (including Accarian), and continue to try out new (and old) ones all the time (usually in the form of trade-ins). What do I currently own? Dunlavy Aletha.