Need advise on pre amp/amp combo with JM Lab Mini

I am upgrading my system and have purchased the JM Lab Mini Utopia's. Does anyone have advise on a pre amp/amp or even an integrated that would bring out the best in these speakers? Thanks.
I use the YBA 1 preamp, and the YBA 2 HCDT AMP and it sound really good. I also heard it with a YBA integre DT at my local JMlab dealer and it sounded nice.
YBA has a Passion Integrated coming out soon for $4500.00.
Do you have a dealer near you? It should be a great match!

I heard thes speakers with GamuT electronics and it sounded fantastic.

I have Mini Utopias. I use CJ17LS preamp and pair of CJ Premier 12 amps. The premier 12s are faster and more dynamic than Premier 11. And I wanted the power to drive the speakers when playing large symphonic pieces. I heard YBA integrated today at dealer driving Minis and really liked the sound. Not the same as my CJ setup but about 1/2 the cost.
I know that Jacques Mahul (the deseigner of the whole Utopia line and PDG of JMlab)Use Conrad Johnson for his personal system (with the grande Utopia bien evidament!!!)
A very good amp that does everything right from a-z is the Aragon. It is made by Mondial, the same company that has their fingers in Mark Levinson and Proceed. Top notch quality with bullet proof equipment. You could drop this unit off the roof of your house and it would still play. Very musical, tremendous soundstage, detail, transparency, and the one thing that lacks in most systems, bass! Being a former Krell owner, my experience is that the Aragon has just as much slam as the over glorified Krells! The Aragons make you get involved in the music! You find yourself reviving old cds and hearing things that you did not hear in your discs before. I have been an audio pig in the past and I have owned quite a sh*tload of equipment always thinking that one is better than the other! In the preamp department,Mark Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, Cary, and so on. All are good preamps. A lot depends on what type of music that you are listening to. I like to listen to Jazz, so I listen for air, detail, soundstaging and imaging. I am presently usiing an Audio Research LS15 preamp. I always wanted to try tubed preamps and I found this puppy in the pawn shop for $600!! Prior to that, I was using a Jeff Rowland Consonance. No matter what you mate the Rowland with, it will sound good. Even though not a tube, it, in my opinion, beats out the Audio Research. Musical truth is what the Rowland produces. In my opinion, the Aragon is the best bang for the buck. Read the reviews in Good Luck1