Need advice please.....

I need a new a/v rack that is around 40-50"w X 19-22h X 19-20d.and with 3 shelves. I'm using a Michael Green rack now and need more room since I've bought a new pre-amp. I want to be able to have room for tweaks under components. My components consist of :Sony 27" tv, Sony 7700 dvd,CAL Sigma dac, Rogue 66 pre, and Odyssey Stratos amp. My Magnepan 1.6's are about 6.5' apart with rack centered between speakers. Looking for the rack to be solid, possibly fillable w/ sand or shot,and overall a great value. Thanks, Brad
There is always the possibility of having one custom built by Sound Anchor. These come factory filled and supplied with spikes. Available with open metal architecture that your equipment rests on directly, or constructed with non adjustable shelves. You may turn in the exact measurements (including feet shelves, etc.) and Bob will build them exactly the way you want. The link I have provided goes directly to the page that shows these. Best of luck in finding a solution that works for you.
Brad, do what most people with that type of rack do when they outgrow it: buy your own threaded rod and go to town. Once you find the length of rod that you want to use, you can then adjust the shelves to whatever spacing that you want, add shelves to the existing ones that you already have, etc... Michael Green does sell individual shelves and mounting hardware, etc...

One thing that you might want to make sure of is that you get the same diameter / thread on the new rod as what the original rods were. You can make sure of this by simply taking one of the nuts with you to the local hardware / building supply store and threading it onto the rod. I would also recommend spraying the rods down with some type of lubricant ( WD-40, etc.. ) and let them "drain" overnight before installing them into the rack. This not only makes assembly a lot easier due to the lube, but helps protect the metal from corroding or pitting. Sean
Thanks for the responses. I was brain storming and thought the same thing Sean! It would be the cheapest route and I wouldn't have to sell rack! Thanks, Brad
Yesterday I went to the hardware and found 3/4 rods in 3 ft. lengths for $6.50 a piece. I'd have to take the rods to a meteal shop to get cut and have threaded holes(2) made for top set screws. How much would this cost? Decided to call Michael Green and found out that they wanted around $120. for 4 longer thank you! If anyone knows how much it would cost for the rods I'd appreciate it.