Need advice on using subwoofer with Aerial 10T's

Would like to hear from anyone having experience in using a powered subwoofer with Aerial 10T's. My room is 34'L X 14' W with 8' ceiling. The Aerials already produce pretty good bass in this room, but is there a "reasonably priced" (max $2K) sub that works well with the 10T's and would usefully extend the bass response? Or are the 10T's just best left alone? Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated.
I have the 10T's and likek them left alone, and I have the james 1200, and JMLab available...the 10Ts are good alone.
Thanks Jallen for the feedback. Since my original post, been doing a lot of listening, thinking maybe I shouldn't mess with a good thing. But it's good to hear from someone with 10T's who could subwoof, but chooses not to. Appreciate your advice.
Dear Apollo66: I really like your 10T's and I admire to Mike Kelly ( btw, he was the designer of my ADS ones ) for its very good speakers designs.

Looking to the 10T crossover frequencies we can see that the woofers croosover at 360hz and from around 60 to 110hz goes down 3 Ohms ( impedance ) with and overall efficiency in the low range: 86db.

I respect the Jallen opinion but let me to show you my point of view about:

those woofers have the " job " to reproduce frequencies from around 450hz and down this means that the sound reproduction from them has a very high Intermodulation/harmonic Distortion where at the same time that the woofer has to handle ( example ) 30-40hz ( that means long woofer excurtions ) has to handle too frequencies in the 250 to 400hz that were/will be reproduced with those speaking distortions.
What happen if we try to integrate two ( not one ) powered subwoofers in true stereo fashion and crossing say around 60 to 100hz?, well you can/could have the answers here:

So IMHO and with those Aerial speakers I really think that you could have a heavy quality sound reproduction improvment.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul,
Thank you for the response, and thanks for pointing me to the extensive discussion of subwoofers on Agon. Being a new member, I had not yet come across your thread "Do you think you need a subwoofer?" It looks like there's a lot of good info there on subs.

One thing I hoped my thread would uncover are specific <$2K subs that people found work well with the 10T's. Nobody has yet suggested such on this thread, but on your thread there seems to be a lot of discussion of particular subs. I suspect that getting a worthwhile improvement in my setup would require bigger and beefier subs than those available for <$2K. You apparently have settled on one of the Velodyne models and are happy with it.

For the time being I intend to take Jallen's advice and sit tight while I further study the pros and cons of subwoofing.
Your thread should be an enormous help.

Thanks again.