Need advice on next step


I'm technically new with high end audio gear but has been a fan of it for years. I just picked up a CJ Sonagraphe SA-120 and need advice what would be the best match for this amp. I'm from ashburn va, looking for some audio heads that i can ask for advice to build up a decent cool gear.


I recommended the Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 to a friend with a similar amp, i think this one is a perfect match for it. You should give a try.
I also like SFL-1 but also would add a good quality SS preamps such as Classe 60.
Any CJ preamp would be the natural match. You just missed 3 reasonably priced CJ preamps here on Audiogon. A Sonographe SC-1 for $260. This is probably the preamp sold with your amp. A PV-6 for $300 and a PV-11 for $750. By sticking with the same brands you are more likely to get good sound. Mixing brands is always risky. Keep watching more will show up.
head over to deja vu audio in mclean va. nice people and no pressure and lots of interesting stuff at all price levels.
Thanks to all that responded, I'll try to stay with the same brand. I guess i did miss those CJ's since i just recently joined AUDIOGON. I'll check DEJAVU and see what they have that i can afford for the meantime. I also picked up a Carver AV505/Carver TFM-15cb any suggestion on what Carver model to get as a preamp?
at deja vu, ask them to turn on some of the vintage western electric stuff. you seem to like tube stuff. pretty cool and you will not hear it anywhere else (but think second mortgage in terms of cost)

I just picked up a MAC MC2105 and need advise on which preamp should i get. Should i go with the manual sample (C-28)? Anybody? I also have a CJ SA-120 that i have not used yet since i'm still looking for a preamp for it. My budget for the preamp for the CJ ended up on the MAC purchase so now i'm broke again. =) Need to save up for 2 preamps.
Are you building 2 systems and what speakers are you driving with those amps; just curious.