Need Advice, Getting a Spike a Day

I live in a small lake community and have been getting spikes or surges once a day for the past 2 days with 1 a week the norm.It seems to be part of living in this particular area for about 100 familes.I have a Richard Grey hooked up to my cd player & pre-amp.I don't plug in the amp because it just strangles the detail .
Besides moving or re-wiring what would you do?
I would install a whole-house surge suppressor in the main electrical panel. Ask your local electrician for recommendations.
I just had whole house surge suppressor installed yesterday.
Drops in at panel on my 200 amp service. Installed cost was just under 200.00 Well worth it, IMHO
Big Thanks I would never have thought about that
While installing whole house surge suppression at the panel or electric meter socket is an excellent idea, I would caution against relying solely on that device to fully protect your electronics. I believe that MOV based suppressors degrade over time, depending on the number and magnitude of the surges that they are required to clamp. For this reason, it is probably prudent for you to have both the whole-house device, as well as something like a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, which does not limit current, and also uses non-MOV based protection, for your amplifier.

I would also suggest contacting the customer service people at your electric utility and tell them that you are experiencing power quality issues, and they may be willing to install some temporary power quality monitoring equipment in your house to give you a better idea of the magnitude and frequency of the surges. Many utilities also offer surge protection equipment installation as an additional service, which may be less expensive than using an independent electrician.

Good luck,
I called the electric co. and they said they will look into my problem,probably by 2010,anyway I also asked if they could install a surge protector at the circuit breaker ,sure but it's about $6 a month.So now I'm looking into a seperate line with a protector at the source done by an electrician.I also called my dealer who has just been told by Audio Research (which is what I own) that they have just auditioned a surge protection device that they like ,so he's going to get one and see how he feels about it.