Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves

I read many discussions  concerning isolation using various materials and tweaks. My cabinet is open on all sides and has 3 hardened glass shelves that are 20”x60”. On the top shelf is a TV, the middle shelf consists of a Dac, music server and a cable box. The bottom shelf has a DVD player, a tube integrated amp and a power conditioner. Under each component is a 1” hardwood cutting board with attached rubber footings plus DH cones between the components and the hardwood board. 
I’m wondering if the hardwood boards and DH cones are enough isolation from the glass shelves.
I’m considering placing a 20”x60”x1” hardwood shelf (possibly maple) on top of each glass shelf to replace the individual boards or replacing the glass shelves entirely with thicker maple shelves.
Any comments or recommendations would greatly be appreciated.
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Your advice seems sound (pun intended).

I will call Chris and get a quote, thanks 

The cutting boards are 1” thick and are made of sheesham wood which is harder than maple and bamboo.

I plan to use the DH cones once again with the maple shelves. I’ve tried various footers from Herbies , Synergistic, etc but found the DH cones to more detailed and a tighter bass. 

I purchased this rack years ago from Best Buy and it wasn’t expensive. It was initially used to support a TV and a surround amp. The glass is only 1/4” thick so I guess it’s not the best rack material. I only became aware of isolation over the past 10 years or so from reading these forums. Now that I’m retired, I’m trying different tweaks to get the best sound I can from my system. 
I look forward to hearing any differences with the maple shelves. If not, it’s just another audio adventure that started back in 74. 

Thanks for all your ideas.

My idea of placing a 1” thick board over the entire glass shelf was to minimize the glass from vibrating plus it was much less expensive than a lone thicker board.
Would it make sense to place the sorbothane between the glass shelf and the maple board plus gluing the sorbothane to the under side of the glass to stop any reflections?
Last question, is maple the best type of wood for audio? There are many other hard woods in the same price range.

I appreciate your opinion and advice but I decided to go with maple shelves. I agree with all that the glass shelves need to go. I was reading that glass also has reflective properties that might add unwanted sounds. I can always experiment with tweaks later.

I received a great deal from shop in Ohio. All 3 shelves will be cut to my specifications and all sides routed and sanded. I will apply my own finishing. 
Thanks again