Need advice choosing a complimentary CD Player

Paramaters are as follows. Rotel RC 1082 pre amp, Rotel RB 1080 amp, Sonus faber signums speakers.Here is the question. What CD' player will be the most musical in this system under $1500. Marantz SA8001, Cambridge Audio 840, Rotel RCD 1072, Arcam CD192 or cd 73, etc. Please advise
Get a modded music hall from underwood.
Elvick has a great idea. You might also consider a Naim CD 5i or the Moon CD-1. Of all the models proposed above, I would suggest the Cambridge 840C.
Thank you. Those were the only names I knew. I own all the other components for better or for worse, but would like a nice enough cd player
I had my Music Hall modded by Chris Johnson at partsconnexion. It is amazing. Underwood does the same mod. I had a special request is why I went to Chris. You can also get a Denon and a few more done also. It's amazing what the difference is. And, it won't void any factory warranties.
I haven't heard the modified Music Hall's but really like the stock version and have heard good things about the Underwood mods.

The Cambridge is a very accurate and detailed player but also very smooth and "non-digital" sounding for this price category.

The new Moon CD-1 is similar to the Cambridge, but perhaps gives up some detail for a slightly better soundstage and overall spatial presentation.

The Naim in my opinion is in a category of one. The music just tumbles and bounces out of it in a way that makes me happy. It is not as detailed or smooth as the Cambridge or Moon, but it really delivers the essence of every performance it is asked to reproduce. If you like the Naim sound, well, then you like the Naim sound.

Some people (like Stereophile's Jim Austin) have written very highly of the Marantz SA8001, but I haven't heard it yet. I have not been crazy about their other recent budget efforts compared to current players by Music Hall and Cambridge, but apparently the SA8001 is another kettle of fish.

The Rotel and Arcam cd 73 are outclassed by these others, although you might want to listen to the CD192 if it is convenient. Who knows, maybe you will love it.
Under $1500, there will only be tiny differences in sound. I have tried many and that was ultimately my conclusion. The ones that were just ok but not really better than $600 players were Music hall (Underwood level 1), Marantz 8001, Rega Apollo, Cambridge 840. Quad cdp-2 was a bit better. You won't find a big improvement with these over say a Nad 542, Onkyo 7555 or Sony 999/9100es. The Arcams might be worth a shot or perhaps a modded Jolida.
Thanks for the advice. Looks like I have some listening to do as well as research on these new names. Appreciate the responses
Gmf1, keep us posted. I also suggest you consider adding a tube preamp instead of the 1082. I think spending about a grand on a tube pre and the rest on the digital source will get you better results than just adding a $1500 cdp.
Rotarius makes excellent points. Rotel is not known for smoothness and refinement. A tube preamp would likely raise the quality of your setup. You could still get a modded Jolida player, of which I have and have enjoyed, and not go a whole lot of your $1500 budget.
In all respect, I must disagree with Foster_9. My Rotel RCD-1072 is a fabulous player and it does in fact reproduce smoothness and refinement particularly with smooth jazz, straight ahead jazz, etc. Check out the reviews on this player at For less than half of your budget, you can have a fantastic player. But I would compare it with the Marantz SA8001 which I understand is superior to it.
Thank you for your responses. Purchased a Musical Fidelity A5CD
Could you tell us how you like it, how well does it do with rock and roll, smooth jazz, classic rock, and overall punch, slam, and bass ext? Also, what was the list price? Is this more of a polite CD player for say classical music or can it rock with the Marantz's, Rotels, etc?
My comment on Rotel was not regarding the 1072.
it would be my pleasure
MF player is a great choice. Didn't think you could find one within your budget or would have recommended for sure. Enjoy.
it was the modded post about the Music hall that triggered the xtra money towards the musical fidelity. Looking forward to listening to this CD player