NBS vs PS Audio: Advice needed.

I am considering betweeh the NBS BlackBox+SignatureII and the PS Audio Power Plant (P300). There is a mint Black Box with NBS Signature II power cord set going for about $1000+ in the web. While the PA Audio P300 is about $995 +. While the price is one issue to be considered, I am more concern about the sonic benefits of the two - one is basically an very good A/C extension; the other is a raved PLC. Any suggestions?
You will get better sonic results with PS Audio Power Plant. It is more effective & of more universal value than the NBS box. The Black Signature is part of older NBS cable designs. They add too much coloration to the system. They have an overall dark sound which might the beneficial only to certain bright brittle sounding systems. I am not sure what your reason is for buying either product. I personally had best results with Perfectionist Audio's PAC Idos or the Super Idos. They are extremely effective in dealing with a system's electrical noise without the negative side effects of power conditioners or colorations introduced by many of high end A/C cords. They even cost less than any competing product. I have seen at Cable Co. site; www.fatwyre.com under accessories and power conditoners. PAC products are not conditioners!
try the richard gray power company. it has no current limiting and is less than the ps audio. for hi- quality power strips the ensemble power point from switzerland is the best. you can call me to discuss at (949)362-6080. I have both these products on display. thanks brian
The PS Audio Power Plant is amazing particularly if you have crummy and noisy AC like I do. I was highly skeptical and ended up buying 2. TAS review is accurate in my opinion. You will need a good shielded cord from the Power Plant to your equipment.