NAS Fried

I recently did the latest firmware update for my QNAP TS-253B NAS. Within 5 minutes of restarting after completion of the update, smoke started billowing out of the back of the NAS. The NAS is now dead in the water. Is it worth paying to get it fixed, as it is out of warranty? Thanks in advance.
 I looked up your little enclosure, cool. It should fail safe. The enclosure shouldn't take out the devices, if that is what failed.  Scsi based tec. different degrees of error correction and safe storage, mirrored drive for hot swap, etc.  Depends of how good the BU devices and software really are. You're about to find out..

Good results in any case..

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I was in a similar situation, but my power supply just burned out and the partition on the disk was damaged. I used RAID Recovery to recover the data.