Trenner & Friedle ART/Ella or Devore 9 or O/93?

I've read much about both; I've heard TF ARTS and the Devores; I like both quite a bit. I'll have to wait until they show up used here on Agon (which isn't that often, I realize - and yes, I know at the time of this posting there's a pair of Ellas up for sale), but what opinions or feedback/impressions could you give for each?

I'm using an LSA Statement integrated with Reference 3A de Capo BE monitors as my current set-up. Small listening room. Mostly folk, jazz, and singer-songwriter, with occasional forays into good, melodic rock.
Hi. Actually, any feedback about either brand would be appreciated.
The T&F Pharoah seems like more of a comparison to the Devore 0/93 than the Art or Ella. I can't speak for the Devores except to say they have gotten some very positive reactions by reviewers. I do own the Pharoahs and I think they are very well-balanced, not forward sounding and sound good in a smaller space. I'm driving them with an 18 watt SET, so I would think your amplification might make them sound somewhat different. I've owned these speakers for a couple of years and I'm very pleased with them sonically.
Having consumed all the reviews of the O/93, I expected that when I finally tracked down a pair and managed to hear them, that I would absolutely love them. Funny how that goes...

Given by mega-buck tube electronics from Line Magnetic, the O/93s were not nearly as mellow as I'd expected. I'm not going to say forward or bright, because they weren't, but timbrally they certainly weren't shy, shrinking violets either. Clearly, these mate best with SET or equivalent. Only the mellowest of SS need apply.

More as I'd expected, the imaging and soundstaging was good but not exceptional, and certainly not pinpoint like you can get with some narrow-baffle designs.

I'm sure there are many very happy owners of this model, so as always, YMMV.
Bump. Thank you to those who've responded. Any other Devore or TF owners who can weigh in on their speakers' sounds and personality?
I really enjoy my O93s. To my surprise I like them even better than my Verity Parsifals. I drive them using a Coincident 211 Dragon Monoblocks.

I heard the T&F Pharaoh and the O93 at RMAF 2013 both in different rooms with different electronics. I much preferred the O93s. The Pharaoh sounded a bit dry in comparison to me, but like I said different electronics.
I have tried both and own O96's. I enjoy both the big difference would be the tweeters silk vs metal, and the T&F Pharaoh has a port facing down so you can place them closer to the back wall than the O's. The T&F would be more fussy over having top quality recordings as well I would say.
Thank you all got the feedback. As it turns out, I ended up just now buying a new pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios. Financially and logistically and sonically they teally shone through the murk of the moment. They should be delivered early July!