Name that cable....

A friend was at the hifi show in New York and was telling me about a piece he saw there, it's either a power cable or a power conditioner with a cable. He said that the cable itself was very large in diameter and was wrappes in ferite beads. He couldn't remember the name but he did say it was something like "serenade", and said it retailed for about $1000. Can anyone name that cable???? I'm just curious to see one for myself. Thanks. Zach
Don't know about the model with Ferrite beads, but the top of the line model with Diamonds is called the "Hope PC". It comes with a lifetime insurance policy issued by LLoyd's of London, though as far as I gather most of the owner's have not lived too long following their purchase of this particular model (so maybe the LLoyd's policy is just a sales gimmick:-). Hope this helps narrow it down.