Nakamichi DR3 cable/sockets

I have a Nakamichi DR3 Tape Deck. I had to disconnect the phono cables at the rear. It was some considerable time later that I need to re connect. This is a very basic question I have to admit. I have four phono cables black, red, blue and yellow (terminating with a DIN plug) after much searching I cannot remember which cable should fit into which socket. My apologies as this is a very fundamental question any guidance would be greatly appreciated. My thanks in advance. Naim Nait2 amp, Linn LP12 turntable, Linn CD player.

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Take a look here, however it appears the 1st reply is wrong. The 2nd one by “Happy Listener” seems to be correct as noted by the last post.

Looks like red(R) and black(L) go to record input on the DR-3, with yellow(R) and blue(L) going to the playback output. There is a conflicting post here that states yellow is L, and blue is R.

You may need to try both ways for the output and listen to see which is correct. As always, connections should be made with equipment turned off.
The colour of the RCA cables are Blue, Red, Yellow and Blue.
Assuming this is a mistake since your original post said,
I have four phono cables black, red, blue and yellow
then make these connections,

Black - Left Input
Red - Right Input
Yellow - Left Output
Blue - Right Output