Naim vs Audio Aero

Hey Guys,

I am looking at 2 players that are currently listed here and am not sure which would be a better match in my system.
The 2 players are a Naim CD5X and AA Prima that would be joining a Jolida 300B (9wpc SET integrated) and a pair of Klipschorns.
I have heard both players, never together and on completely different systems than each other and mine.
I did get to compare a CD5i vs a Rega Apollo, and I preferred the Naim.

I listen to a wide range of music... rock, blues, folk, country, recently getting into jazz, not much "pop radio", and no classical.

I am hoping for a player with good musicality, dynamics, and detail that will lean slightly toward a warmer analog sound
as opposed to a hyper detailed DIGITAL sound.
My speakers can be a little "in your face" with brighter electronics, my amplifier choice has helped a lot in this respect.

Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
naim is one of the great analog outputs for the last thirty years and their reputation and overall quality is with the best. so in saying that, i have listen to both in a small simple tube system and naim is better in music in everyway. very neutral in tone ,quick and detail ,not at all digital. the aa prima is a first class player in everway. it is more digital sounding and has a little better detail, but detail is not in itself the only criteria you are looking for, pace , tone and detail are music and naim is one of the best .
go with Naim more tube like sound
The AA Prima , that I owned , did not do the PRaT thing well .

Good luck .
Well, the 5X, just got sold:

and the Prima is looking very good:

I am not really sure if this Prima is a current model, any ideas?
If I go this route, I want to make sure I have the good Sony transport and not the Philips drive.
Are there any other upgrades to be aware of?

This is the latest model of Prima you are looking at with new Sony transport. It appears the seller is the maker of DCCA powercords so if you want to know more about the player I am sure Jody at Globe Audio Marketing in Canada can fill you in.