naim + bookshelf speaker recommendation

Looking to build a tertiary system for a small office, main signal source to be an ipod. planning on a (used) naim 3R integrated, but which bookshelf speakers to match? might the b & w DM 603 (or similar) be appropriate, or are there other major recommendations ?(excluding anything by thiel)
Linn Sara! They're simply incredible for their size! And you can get them CHEAP, too! If you run - I think you can find a pair on ebay right now - though their price's running a bit high last time I looked.

Hi, " Being an Ex-Linnie & Naim Nait owner (original/ Nait 2 & 3 versions) I've great results in matching My Naits with Linn Kans / Proac Tablettes / Vienna Acoustics Haydn & Harbeth Acoustics HL-P3's................, And, Consider this Last Year, I owned a Nait 2 w/ the Vienna Haydn's.........,And used them with Harmonic Technology Truth-Link (I/C) & Pro 11+ LSC. everyone whom had listened too this set up loved it. Of course, The Front End was a Well Tempered Classic W/ Black Arm & Platter Upgrades & Lyra Lydian -or- Roksan Corus Black Cartridges. " ( IT JUST CLICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
A few years ago I was using Spendor S3/5s with a NAC 62 and NAP 90/3, which was very very close to a Nait 3. In an apartment living room of 10' x 10' it was wonderful. Moving into a house and a 20' x 25' living room with high ceilings it was (understandably) lacking in power. I made the mistake of upgrading the speakers to floorstanders, but instead I should have just upgraded the power amp instead.

I'd strongly recommend the Spendor bookshelf speakers, or any other BBC 3/5 variant.

I liked the Linn Kans with my old Naim system.
They work up against the wall very well, in fact they were designed to be against the wall.

Small, out of the way, and really nice sound.
I am using a pair of ProAc Response 1 SC speakers with excellent results with a Naim Nait 1 integrated amp. I have used these speakers with many amps mostly Naim amps (Nait 5, NAP140 and NAP135's - Naim's best amps). If you have a small to medium size room you can not beat these speakers.


PS: Well worth the cost.
After considerable auditioning, I ended up matching the Reference 3a Dulcets with my Naim gear; Nait 5i and CD5x. A very fine combo: well worth an audition of the Dulcets. They have all of the strengths typical of high quality small monitors; but something extra in the direct, open access to the music. Plus; a surprisingly big sound and stage, with real weight in the bass.