NAD T761 or something else?

Considering setting up a 5.1 HT (limited space & set-up flexibility) and am interested in any other receivers to consider in the $500 - $600 price range. Speakers - Gallo Micos & Sub. Thanks for your suggestions.
I bought one for my girlfriend and was amazed at the power and performance of this unit. It's a bargin, given that you can buy one for as little as $550.00 (factory refurbished). Probably one the best bargins out there for a small HT setup.
I just bought one too. It is VERY musical. It sounds good in my HT system with my Alon Petite Speakers. But beware, I bought it factory refurbished. The first unit started smoking right after I turned up the volume and was missing a cover for the front panel comp-video inputs. The second unit was packed with a different remote. Although, no problems with the second unit so far.

Good listening.
I have one. It is wonderful. Look no further in this price range. Charlie
I agree. I bought a new T751 this year for $500 and LOVE its EARS 5.1 ch synthesis matrix with all 2 ch broadcasts. A VERY smart algorithm! The amp is fine, too. The tuner is good, but not up to the level of NAD's best FM tuners of the early 90s Monitor Series Receivers.
I use mine with a Spendor 3/1p and SC3 front trio, Boston PV1000 sub, and Boston VR-MX surrounds.
With just a Gallo to push you don't need the extra power of the 761 or 752. A 751 would be a great bet as you can probably find a leftover one for $400 or so.