NAD C320BEE Vs Audio Refinement Complete

Has anyone done a comparison of these two Intergrated amps. Just curious because these two are my top choices for my very first amp and entry to audiophile nirvana. What would be a better choice for all around listening and versatility? What bookshelf speakers around 600 and under would match well with these?

Thanks alot guy/gal's your advice has helped me in deciding alot quicker.
The Nad is more vesitile (main-in/pre-out).
The Audio Refinement Complete has no pre-out or main-in.
The Audio refinement Complete Alpha (latest itteration)has pre-out but no main-in.

The AR is a much better amplifier though. It may say 50watts but it is a very beefy 50 with a steep slope to the volume pot. I have it on a pair of speakers that are a dreadfully inefficent 86db. At about the 12 o'clock position they are as loud as most would want.

The AR just adds another layer of depth to music. THere is more air around instruments and voices.

Good luck!
Do not know anything about the AR unit, but I have an NAD 320 BEE with a pair of Odyssey Epiphony speakers. This is a very musical combo - I use it for Home theater. I used the Epiphony in my main system for a while - they throw a huge soundstage and have good bass for the size. They are $600.00/pair through Odyssey Audio direct.
Hope this helps.
I have heard the NAD driving some Proac floorstanders in a large treated room. It sounded great with the sound quality also impressing the owner who was doubtful about its ability to drive them properly (home based sales guy).

I have a complete alpha myself and all I can say is that its absolutely magical for me. I've had it for nearly 2 years and I still can't believe what a joy it is to listen to. Great bass, sparkle, soundstage, pace, rich tone and just enough softness to cover up imperfect recordings.

You asked two questions; one about the Nad, the other about matching speakers. I have the c320bee with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42's for my bedroom system. They match very well. The 42's list for $850 according to Dynaudio's website. I found my pair in very good condition here on Audiogon for $450.