Mystic mats - Is it REALLY flat?

I have the MM on my Nottingham Spacedeck but notice that not all the underside of the mat are touching the surface of the platter ie. small gaps in between the 2 surfaces. Is this normal?
it is normal. And your obsessing about it is normal (for an audiophile) too.
So that is normal... I have thought that it is manufacturing defect.
Personally, I would prefer the gap not be there but have too little experience to say if that's normal for MM or not.

I currently own the Funk Firm and Boston mats and both lay flat. My Lenco project was done with a Herbie's "Way Excellent II" mat and it too laid flat.
Since the mat is really rigid and that flattening it completely is not really possible, would placing small bits of "blu-tac" between the mat and the platter help in any way?