My speakers - weak link - proposals ?

My current setup is :

McCormack 0.5 amp Silver Edition
Modwright 9.0 SE Pre-amp
Rega Saturn CDP
Paradigm Studio 40 standmount speakers..
Kimber cables ..

Are my speakers holding me back from audio nirvana.....speaker suggestions would be welcome and appreciated...
Speakers are a personal choice hard to recommend without knowing the type of sound you would feel would be "audio nervana" to your ears.
First thing I would recommend is loose the kimber cables. They are detailed to the point of listener fatigue espescially with metal domes like the paradigms have.Lots of cables out there that do a better job for less.
As far as speakers go, full range? monitors? towers ? deep extended bass? lush mids? extended highs hiper detailed? musical? what attributes do you want for your ears "audio nirvana". It would be easier for others to recommend a speaker if people knew those paramaters to narrow it down but in the end it will always be your perseption.
no weak link
If you have the proper room space (at least three feet to set the speakers out from the wall), try a pair of Magnepan 3.6's or the new 3.7's. Best speaker I have heard to date for the money.
Depending on the size of your room, how loud you listen and the type of source material you listen to, the lack of clean bass capable from your speakers could be considered a weak link. By adding a sub, employing bass managment and room correction, I think you can elevate the performance of your system.
Yes, the paradigms are indeed holding you back. But we need to know your room dimensions and listening preferences before making recommendations.

Yes, the paradigms are indeed holding you back. But we need to know your room dimensions and listening preferences before making recommendations.


Add a price point to this list.

As the previous posts have requested, a lot more information is needed before anyone can accurately help you narrow your search. Auditioning the speakers with your system would of course the final step.

I would like to add too that I have Kimber cables throughout my system and enjoy them, but you should audition several cables as you tune your system. Kimber may work for you, or they may not. I believe the most important thing, however, is to work with a good audio shop. The guys at my shop let me take home about a half dozen different speaker cables (Kimber, Cardas, Audio Magic) as well as a bunch of interconnects. I got to keep them for a couple of weeks until found the combination that I liked best.
The ONLY salient question here is:

'What is it that YOU feel is missing?'
Do the vocals make you have chill bumps? Does the emotion of a beautiful Alto Sax solo on a ballad, thrill you--does Chris Botti's rif's get you all charged up?

What's missing for YOU?

When you can answer that...then you'll know.

Typically loudspeakers--no make that Universally, loudspeakers are the 'personality piece' in a system. They have the most 'flavor' IMHO.

Good listening.

looks like a well-balanced system on paper at least ... Paradigm makes nice speakers that sometimes get an undeserved "bad rap" because they are mass marketed as opposed to only sold at specialty shops.

The replies you've received so far are pretty good. How's your room? Is it bright or treated? Did you explore the full capabilities of your system or speaker positions to get to your preferred sound or goal?