My Set up

Hi gang, It is Christmas and my wife asked..."What can I get ya" This is what I have:
Fronts: 2 SL tm3 Martin Logans which I really Love (I got the new small ones as well and then I met a Lawyer who wanted to down size and bought these from him for a killer price. (though tof using these as backs as well)
Center:Motif X I am very happy with

Backs: 2 B&W DM603

Amplifier which I really Like too: Sherwood Newcastle 7 channel A-965

Reciever: I guess it is better than every thing I used to have but I am wondering if a NAD, Marantz, Mackintosh? yipes? or something might be better. All the extra sound settings seem like a joke to me w/the exception of stereo and 5 channel. I am a family man and will be conservative w/my budget. If someone wants to trade for my brand new smaller Martins and possibly some money I might consider it.
Seriously I am pretty happy w/everything else... you guys are the "Guru's and I spent a lot of money buying junk like Bose, Klipsch, Yamaha Towers, on and on I cried thinking I was going somewhere.... Any healthy advice? Thanks for your comments
I think your heading in the right direction.....I really like McIntosh for their Amplifiers. Your into HT so I would guess that a matching Mac preamp would be optimal. I really think you said it yourself " I spent a lot of money buying junk" McIntosh is great sounding equipment. You could check with Mike Sastra @ for a deal on some excellent used gear. I will say that a McIntosh Control Center with Multi Channel amp would be a upgrade of a lifetime.
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Matt is correct. a McIntosh MAC-3 is an excellent 5.1 / stereo unit that sells between $500 and $1000 for near-perfect condition. Got mine for $495 - it only needed light bulbs. Most impressed with its performance. A multi-channel amp will save a bunch of space or you could consider mixing & matching as budget allows. Another alternative would be the MHT-200 for an all-in-one solution. Not considered all that high end, but available for reasonable money. Either method would really bring your M-Ls alive. Good luck & happy listening!