My old system vs my new

Hi my old system was:
Simaudio amp W-2002
Simaudio Preamp P-2001
Cd Micromega Stage1
Energy C-8
Interconnects Vampire and Monster
Speaker cable Monster Cable
For $4125.00 CAD

My new system is:
Simaudio moon I-3
Simaudio Moon Equinox cd player
Totem Forest
Nordost Speaker cable Red Dawn Rev II
Nordost interconnect Red Dawn
power center Monster cable hts-1100
For $9500.00 CAD

I got it today and the breaking time is 6 weeks
so i listen it today and the quality of the sound is 3 time better of my old system. The bass is bigger the bass drum is closer and the mid is verry clear. The symbale on Apostrophie, we can heard the metal more than before.
So did someone have the same systeme or so? thanks
Are you sure it's not 2.9 or 3.1 better than your old system :)?
I will know it in six weeks aprox :)
its the totems. if those c-8s were back in your system, you would have gone sideways
Yes for sure, it's like when you know a girl and she's the nicer one you ever seen, you thing she's the best. But one day you saw i nicer one and you forgot the first one. When i have my old systeme i was verry happy because i know nothing better, but now it's a different game i am in the major league.
enjoy the ride bud!
I am on 68 hours of burning and the sound change for verry well after 38 hours. In begining the bass was ok but the high was agressive and confiusing sorry for my english i am french Canadian. Now the high is ok but not perfect. I will come back after the six weeks of break-in.
Are Nordost bright sounding cables?
Sorry i can't answer this question before the complete beak-in time periode.