My first turntable

Hi I just picked up a music hall mmf 5.1 and a project tube box s. Had some issues shipping(chipped corner of the table, missing needle) they have ups looking g into it right now hopefully something comes from it and if not hoping the company helps me out and makes this right. I had a Sumiko blue point #2 cartridge installed from a local dealer and wow, I can't believe it has taken me this long to get into vinyl. Incredible sound, much better dynamics than cd and the sound is just better all around. I'm amazed. Now I just hope things are corrected so I don't have to look at a slightly damaged table and pay for a stylus that seemed to disappear during shipping. Actually the carrier is there just no needle... Anyways thanks and let me know what you think about my budget setup.
Nice to post here again been a long time.
That's a nice table. I was out of analog for a long time, but I bought a MMF5 in 2005 just to see if I wanted to start up again. I compared the same recording on the $10K Cd player I had at the time and the MMF5 and I realized there was something very special about vinyl. As to your chip, if you love the tt, the company would make some very favorable deal to refund part of your money, because it would really be worthless to them if you returned it. So maybe you should just decide what a fair amount would be for the company to refund you and live with it. In any case, enjoy your tt.