Musical Fidelity A5 Fire - Struggling to get support

hi there,

I was a proud owner of an A5 integrated until recently. after about a decade of stellar performance, the unit caught fire after powering up. turns out the switch failed. pretty dangerous failure mode because its not fuse-protected. I had to reach in and turn it off while sparks emitted.

I’m posting this to raise awareness, and to ask for help if anyone knows how to resolve the issue with MF. I have tried the US dealer, and called the UK technical support number which is no longer in service.

any suggestions before I modify the chassis myself and install an aftermarket switch...


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Hey Kevin. It's discouraging for me to read your post as I too own Musical Fidelity gear (M6si). It's a year old and so far so good. It's performing as you described, stellar. 

As you mentioned you tried the US dealer, I would suggest you also try the US sales manager, Randy Bingham, [email protected], 480-297-4053.
When buying these things, its as important to know the company's support history as to its audio performance.  I hear way too many reports as Kevin describes.

thanks fellas.  its not a good feeling. i'm about to drill a hole in the chassis and put in a simple switch from one of my Marshall guitar amps.  same country of origin lol...

frustrating to say the least.