Musical Fidelity A3 or Classe CAP 101


Im trying to decide between these two amps to purchase.
Can you folks please give me your thoughts on which one
is the more neutrel and better sounding amp...

This amp will be using to drive Von Schweikert VR-1's
with modified Music Hall CD25 cd player.

Musical Fidelity amps/pre-amps in their A3 series are a bit soft in the highs and emphasize the mid-bass just a little. Not noticeable at first, but evident when compared against other amps. Keep in mind these are minor nits.

No experience with the Classe, but have read positive things about it. Both should serve well in your set up, but as usual try to audition if at all possible. If not find a review comparing either amp to one you can listen to. That way you can at least compare reviewer preferences to your own. Good luck.