Musical Fidelity A 308 integrated vs. Moon I-5 LE

I am interested in opinions about these two amps pros and cons especially pertaining to how each would match with Opera Callas monitors or Audio Physic Sparks.I realize this is a broad topic and many factors will come into play, but I
would like some general thoughts on this.
I have heard the Moon and Sparks and they seem like a good match. The system I presently have is Opera Quinta's and a MuFi A308. I can't say enough about the match of these two manufactures they work well together and are extremely musical. Their synergism keeps me buying new cd/records rather than equipment. It's a bonus that the phono section on the a308 sounds good.
I can only comment on the 308, since, of the above, that is all I have owned. But, I will say I did hear a couple combinations of audio physic speakers and the 308, and I was very impressed by the sound. The two companies mate very well together. Also, based on Revdeg's post, I would say, either route you go, would be a good one.
I own the Opera Callas and am considering buying the Moon I-5 LE or regular version. I heard the combo at In living Stereo HIFI store in NY about a year ago and really loved what I heard. However I'm also planning to audition some tube intergtraed amps as well since the Callases are effecicent enough to drive quite a few of the Italian models like the Pathos Classic model 2.