Music reviews for Audiogon members

Hello Ben,

Great reviews-very enjoyable.
The only thing I'd like to see is your opinion on whether the remasters are a sonic improvement over their predecessor and therefore worth the purchase.
The Yes catalog being a case in point.
Thanks again for a great site.
Yes, great review. However I'm also interested in how the remasters compare to the orginal. In many cases the remasters sound "hotter" but also less enjoyable, like Supertramp, and I bought the new Fleetwood Macs but when I compare the new ones to the orginal the orginal sound more musical, but maybe I need to dig them all out and listen again. All great albums though.
Greh-if you click on the Yes overview box it opens up to describe how I place the sonics of the Rhino remasters in relation to other releases-since there were so many albums to review I decided to cover Yes with a generic statement because imho it fitted the differences.

Sgr-I have buried in the reviews somewhere mentioned how I found the newer versions relate to the originals-in the Jeff Buckley case it is rather confusing,in others more clear.

You have also touched on a key issue that all comparisons and reviews are subjective-part of the fun of this should be the debate and different opinions-I not only expect differences of opinion on the quality of the music and sound quality-I welcome it.