Music Hall MMF-5 SE

I am looking at the rega 3 and the Music hall MMF- 5 SE as my first turntable. Suggestions???
The Rega P3 has an upgrade path re after market mods that you can follow and learn about turntables at the same time.You can do great things to the arm,upgrade the power supply,the platter etc.The table is pretty good stock too and is probably better than the Music Hall.
Both are good and the comments about the Rega are true. However, if one wants a modestly priced turnkey table with cartridge it is hard to do much better than a used MMF 5. In this price range I'd have to point out a new Technics SL1200 Mk 2 can be ordered for about 400 new plus shipping with warranty; excellent turntable for the money and easy to resell with not too much loss if you retain the original packaging and keep it in good shape.
I did not find any info on the Technics table ...
Would you say it is in the same league as the Rega and the music hall?
I need to add that I will be needing a phono preamp as well. Pre amp is the Pass X1 with the Pass X250 amp.
No, the Technics 1200 is not in the same league as the Rega and Music Hall. Not by a LONG shot.

I have been reading the threads and I am still confused...
Psychicanimal you clearly state that the technics is the way to go and some of the members seem to agree yet others would say the technics is not a serious audiophile turntable. I did read the kabusa articles and it seems like a valid argument on behalf of the Technics. I am also looking at a VPI Scout that is selling on the 'gon. I could really use some advise here as I have never been into vinyl. I would like to make a decision by this weekend so I can enjoy the music!!!
Oh, the 1200 qualifies as a quality table and is head and shoulders above the Rega and MMF, IMHO. While it would not be MY table of choice, don't look up at the eyes that look down over their noses at this table.

If you have that Pass gear, I'd STRONGLY advise a tube phono stage.
$yanx, thanks for your response. I had the opportunity to listen to the technics last night and upon asking the owner, I was told its the best there is and a workhorse. I am leaning toward the Scout at this point and will probably purchase today.
Okay I just picked up the VPI Scout from Quest For Sound and I must say that Stephen is great to deal with. Here is a retailer who is actually HAPPY to give auditions! Some shops make you feel like you need to hand them your credit card as you walk in the door. Anyway thats an all together different story... I am setting up the Scout and I am stumped. I do not have a shure stylus gauge as this is my first turntable. Do I need to stop at this point? Any one know a dealer near north eastern PA that will have one and be open Sunday?
The owner of Quest For Sound is Stephen Monte. I am holding his card in my hand right now just to make sure I get the spelling right. Yup, that's Stephen.