Music Hall Maverick vs. SONY SCD777ES? Help

Help! I am considering the purchase of either a used Music Hall Maverick of a used SONY SCD777ES. I know nothing much about SACD except that I own several SACD Hybrid CD's (bought the Dylan box set) and decided it might make sense to buy a SACD player. I currently have an old McIntosh MCD-7009 which I will probably keep in any event. Could someone please explain what the differences between the Maverick and SCD777ES would be and which will probably sound better and be an overall better unit? I'm assuming that the Maverick is newer technology and chipset etc. but I don't even know that for certain. Thanks in advance!!
the Sony has got to be better know the transport in the Sony is extremely good.
I had the SCD777ES for a few months. I thought it had a nice tight bass but was othewise mediocre (not very liquid).