music hall cd 25.2 problem

i am having a problem with this player not reading a fair percentage of my discs (and these are not cd-r's). after the unit loads the disc it eventually displays "no disc". yesterday i tried eight cd's and it did not work on four of them. does anybody else have this issue
Clean your laser lens and discs first.If this doesn't help contact Roy Hall.I'm sure he can help you.

roy hall
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108 station road
great neck, ny 11023
In addition to the cleaning suggestion, try also burning a copy of the CD, then see what happens when you play the copy. Very often it cures the problem (minute nicks or dirt on the surface of the original......)
I have the same problem,
the authorized dealer told me it was the cd transport. so music hall did the repair, and now its a year later and its out for repair again with the same issues
Yeah, just call Roy Hall and tell him you have a warranty problem, I'm sure he'll tell you to take a jump in the lake, as he did with me. Wouldn't consider his gear if it were free. There's been lots about him on A.A.