Music Fidelity E624 CD Player

Has anyone heard this player.What is your opinion.
I am using one and like it. I had the Sony XA7ES and sold it to keep the E624. It is that good. Write me if you want more info.
While i am not COMPLETELY sure of this, i think that these were repackaged ( what we call "badge engineering" ) versions of a Marantz player. Don't hold me to that, but that is what i was told by someone in the industry. Sean >
Sean: The E624 is the same basic player as the X-Ray and the A3 Musical Fidelity players, in a different package. It is a nice sounding player, but some owners have told me that it lacks bass. I thought so too when I listened to it, but may have been influenced by those opinions at the time (I was relatively new to the digital format). Also interesting is that the three players mentioned all sound different, though electronicaly they may be almost identical. I assume that the varied chassis and cosmetics must account for the different sonic signatures. It makes me want to play around with chassis and cabinet damping on my old CAL.
DEKAY,you are correct about the 3 being the same except for the uotside case.( cosmetics ). I believe the bass is all there and very accurate?
I have one in my MF collection, same electronics as X-Ray but sounds different as larger cabinet allows more spacious layout, most say it sounds better. I also have A3CD and belive it is better than E624, even though most components are the same there is a difference. E624 has digital 24/96 output so good to use as transport for the many excellent $1000 or less DACs now available.
PS: In regard to "bass", I should note that I settled on a CAL Icon II player that has a reputation for having too much "bass". We are all looking for slightly different sounds in equipment. And again, I did like the overall sound of the player. I saw one recently (here or at Audio Review) but they do not come up for sale very often, considering that Audio Advisor probably sold a slew of them over the Internet.
Thanks i have found out that the difference is a better power supply in the A3CD.
I would like to own the A3CD to use as a transport, but do not care for the gold and silver look. I still may reconsider when and if a $1,000.00 is available for equipment upgrades. I would like to own something new anyway so that I can put the miles on it myself. I like the idea of using a player instead of a dedicated transport as you can still listen to it when having the DAC upgraded. Which seems likely to happen in the future.