Muse Model 18 with Hales Signature System Two

I just bought a Muse Model 18 subwoofer to go with a set of Hales Signature System Two speakers. I had the Hales which are short on bass, with a small Velodyne sub for over a year, then read this Model 18 Review and found a Model 18 for $680 delivered.

My favorite sub, ever. It came with two personality cards (which reportedly control filter frequencies, damping, and slope) for Spica Angelus and TC-50. Attempts to contact Muse Electronics have gone nowhere.

1) Does anyone have the correct personality card for the System Twos or know the resistor values for the 12 resistors on the card?

2) Does anyone have System Twos with round MB Quart tweeters from later in production that they could give part numbers? Older style square-faced double magnet metal dome MB Quarts in 8 Ohm are really hard to find and I am down one (4 Ohm still available NOS). Any leads appreciated.

3) Also found this thread looking for cards and manuals. I have a manual and will email it or my card values for free to anyone who needs them.
Hans, I don't have the personality card for the Hales or own the Hales System 2 Sig's anymore. However, I would try and adjust the sub to x-over at about I recall the Hales dropped off severely below that. Do you have the round MB Quart tweets or the earlier Square models?
Thank you for the reply.

I have the early square tweeters. MB Quart 95 6383 8 Ohm with double round magnets. I found one (both were cooked from hookup by prior owner without crossovers) and am still running one NOS 4 Ohm I bought from MB Quart's successor with a series resistor until I land another, or, better yet, get the part number for the later round MB Quarts and chase down a set.
Dear Hans, yesterday a friend of mine cleaning his garage gave me a pair of Hales and a Muse 18 subwoofer.
Can you help me with a manual for the sub?
Thank you