Multiple use of Acoustic Revive RR 77 ?

Recently I bought one Acoustic Revive RR 77 on trial. Altough I was very sceptical (like everyone who had the intention to try this device in his/her set...) it soon proved itself and I'm amazed now every time I listen to my system. So yes, I had to admit it's working and does some very good things for the listening to music ! It's just all about the deeper enjoyment of music and the 'let go of technical listening mode'. (what does not mean that's there is nothing to improve...). On the internet I stumbled on some systems where his owners are using more than one of this device. (one up to 4...)
So my question is : is there any gain in the effect of what it does in the use of more than one RR 77 a system ? (or better, in a room, because the RR 77 is not really connected to the system)
Of course I know of the using of the King Rex PSU, but my question is not about that...
Thanks for reading or eventually answering anyway