Multi-zone audio only pre-amp - receiver

Currently have the home theater taken care of. I'm looking for a multi-zone audio only pre-amp with 4 zones. I have plenty of amps and speakers, just need a pre-amp with built in receiver. I need it to run 4 speakers on the deck, 2 speakers by the fire pit and 2 speakers in the garage/carport. Used is ok, just dont want to spend $$$$$$$ for things I dont need! It seems everything I look at includes the home theater stuff with it or it has a bunch of low powered amps I dont need. Please help!
Denon makes 2, the 385 and a higher model 685?.
The 385 is great for 3 zones. With an external impedance matching speaker selector you could run as many pairs as you need.
All you will be lacking is a remote control or ir repeater so you can control it all.
you could take the newer route and buy a sonos system but thats no fun.