Multi-disk set up, DVD and audio.

I am outfitting a room with some modest equipment, Rotel amplifier/triangle speakers and have not purchased a digital source yet. I would like to have the convenince of a multidisk player, but don't want to sacrifice sound that much. I also need a DVD player. I was thinking about getting a Toshiba 9200 for qulity sound and DVD and then picking up a $300 changer for casual listening. I could also get a sony SACD changer and a more meager DVD player. I have about $1200 and would like some imput. Thanks. Anyone have the toshiba 9200--do you have the transprot noise issue?
Maybe a Denon DVD 4800? Five disc changer, progressive scan and supposedly an excellent CD, HDCD and DVD-A player. I have not heard it yet but a very critical friend of mine just got one and he is very pleased with it. He says it sound better on its own than his Pioneer/MSB combo. I think you can find one for about $1000 new.
Happy hunting
You might consider buying one of the cheaper Sony carousel SACD/DVD players(i.e. DVPNC600V) and having it modified by Ric Shultz, Stan Warren, Dan Wright, Kern, etc. This way you'd have one unit that will likely kill any stock DVD player and probably outperform many pricey CD players, and it should come in well under your $1200 budget. See Ric's thoughts on for various mods available. Best of luck.

I second Tim's suggestion at least as far as working with Ric Shultz. I have one of his DAC's and it is exceptional.