multi chanell amp with Gamut Speakers

Im wondering if anyone has partnered a multi channell amp with Gamut L7 and matching center speaker.As Gamut do not make a 3 or 5 channell amp i do not have any obvious ones to choose from. Thanks in advance for any comments
Buy a Gamut stereo amp for the main speakers and a mono amp for the center channel. . Single amps that have been used like this turn up occasionally on Audiogon.Conrad Johnson has a 150 watt a channel 5 channel amp but I haven't heard it
I have also been looking for a center speaker to match the Gamut L7. I'm sure I have seen an unfavorable review for the Gamut LC5?? Should be interesting to see the response on your thread.
I know that Sonus Faber Cremona Center used the same Scan-Speak elements except for the tweeter. Believe the latest version has different speaker elements.

I run my Gamut L7 with Ayre V-5xe. Good match to my ears. I know Ayre also have a multi channel version called V-6xe.
Thank you for that, I am running the Gamut center and very pleased with it. I have 5 kharma mp150 mono blocs at the moment as i had all Kharma speakers previously. They work fine but having heard a demo of an all Gamut system I reckon I can improve with Gamut amp.