MSB Premium Quad Rate USB2 Module

Wondering if any of you MSB Analog DAC users have tried or upgraded to MSB's new Premium Quad USB2 Module for the Analog DAC? I am thinking of trying this new module.

If you have, what kind of results have you gotten? Can you notice a major improvement with straight PCM files? What about 'native' DSD files?
Yes, I purchased the new quad rate USB and am very happy with it. I was playing my files through the MSB UMT Plus and IS2 as this sounded better than through the standard USB. The new USB quad is on par with running files through the UMT Plus transport and I was able to run them gapless with JRiver. I have since gone to an Aurender N100 and now only use the transport for little silver discs. I also have noticed an improvement going to the Aurender, but the USB Quad was a more impressive upgrade.
Davt, thanks for the feedback. So in your experience it not only improves PCM performance but DSD as well? Curious, have you tried any 'native' DSD files yet; what did you think?
Improved all, PCM, high resolution 96/24, 192/24 and simple redbook ripped from CD. I also have DSD and it was better but I am not overwhelmed by DSD. Some very nice titles but I search out the music I like now and don't just go to DSD for DSD sake. I also have played some double DSD and from the sound am in no hurry to find some quad DSD or what is next, Octo DSD? I also seem to be spending a lot of time listening to Tidal through the Aurender and Quad USB and it is really nice and fun to find new music. Definite upgrade from the regular USB.
I am very interested in Tidal too. I am hoping that Aurender will have
several demos at RMAF this year. Which Aurender are you using and how
does that work? I am currently running a Mac Mini and using Audirvana
software with a 2TB firewire data drive. I like the convenience of using my
iPad to select and play music. I didn't realize that Tidal finally became
available in the US.
I listen to Tidal a lot and feel that with my system, Aurender N100 and MSB Analog Dac with USB Quad, that it is the equal of a ripped CD. If I find an album I really like and it is available on hi res download or SACD I will often purchase it. But, with Tidal I have hundreds, of albums that I would not normally have and the sound quality is great. I have no streaming issues at all and tracks download into the Aurenders SSD cache in about 5 seconds so no real delays.