MSB Power Dac or Weiss Minerva ?

Is someone has an experience with MSB power dac and/or weiss minerva ?
Is there a big diffence between MSB power and platinum dac ?

Just a few thoughts:
1. You can get the Weiss DAC2 for $2000 less than the Minerva. They are internally identical. How much is the Minerva's fancy faceplate worth to you?

2. If you use a single ended source, then the Power DAC is about equal to the stock Platinum DAC. One difference is Power DAC is battery powered - supposed to be quieter than most power supplies. The Power DAC isn't fully balanced - it gets balanced output through opamps, which you should avoid. The Platinum DAC can be upgraded with Signature and Diamond DAC modules, as well as the 32x digital filter. These upgrades are rather expensive though.

I personally own a Power DAC Gold 4 without USB input. Can't compare to the Weiss, but I've also owned a North Star M192 MK. I at the same time. The Power DAC is extremely smooth and presentation is very laid back. Your other components will need to compensate for the slight lack of bass impact. In return you get incredible purity across the spectrum, and the most natural, unfatigued treble in its class.
Thanks for your answer.
As my amp (moscode 401) isn't balanced, the power dac would be ok.
It seems that you can change filter software via msb files you can download on their site, did you try that ? ( it seems that one file increases bass region on the dac).

Thanks for bringing that up. I did try it, but it doesn't work from my computer. Tried 2 different USB->SPDIF converters, as well the SPDIF out of my computer. They are supposed to get bit-perfect output, but the filters won't work.

I did try using a really old Arcam CD player (whose digital output sounds terrible compared to my current USB converter). It did work on that. However, since the custom filters are reset when when the DAC is turned off, I wasn't able to critically listen to the custom filters' effects.