Moving from Esoteric P03/D03 to P03/D01 Combo

I'm interested in anyone's feedback who has moved to or has heard the P-03 or P-03U transport with both D-03 and D-01 DACs. I am contemplating selling the D-03 and moving to a pair of D-01s as I have heard from Esoteric that Redbook is better still and SACD playback is nothing short of gorgeous with the D-01s in the circuit. I am already extremely happy with the P03U/D03 combination however, the 'itch' has struck and I have an opportunity to upgrade.

I'd appreciate any feedback or advice on this; the difference has to be non-subtle and extremely noticeable musically for this jump to be worth it to me. If you look at my system as posted and can suggest that a better pre-amp (already happy with the CP-700 Classe 2-box) such as the Esoteric C-03 or Edge 1.1. Signature, or any other system upgrade/change is a more worthwhile upgrade, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I have heard the P-01, D-01 combination. It is simply spectatular. I have also heard the P-01 completely transform an individual's system. I am currently using the P-03, D-03 combination. If I could afford to upgrade to either the P-01, D-01, P-03, D-01 combination, I would do so immediately, if not sooner.

The EDGE electronics are some of the best and most accurate sounding equipment that I have heard. I don't think you could go wrong with the Signature 1.1 Pre-amp. I wish I had one.

Why not get the P-01? If I had Esoteric gear, that would be the whole point.
Jbm - Thanks for your feedback on both the Edge Signature pre-amp and the P-01, D-01 topic. It is very much appreciated!

Rtn1 - Thanks for your feedback; with the P-01 which I had contemplated back in early 2007 when I chose the P-03U, I would lose the ability to play DVD-Audio and the future ability to play DVD-V, running a long HDMI cable downstairs should I ever with to go back to a HT setup albeit this time, in a separate room. In the latter scenario, after having experienced the world-class video playback of the P-03U of which I and my ISF consultant have never found an equal, nothing else would measure up. This includes Blue-Ray or other 'high-rez' formats. I've done a number of side-by-side comparisons of video with the P03U and the other new offerings out there and frankly, there is no comparison both visually and ISF measurement-wise according to my ISF consultant.

For audio only though, I am still contemplating a trade-up to the mighty P01/D01 combo with another Audiogon member. From what Esoteric tells me, Redbook with the D-01s and SACD are dramatically better with the D-01 DACs; the P-01 will only sweeten the equation even more as you point out.

In the same timeline I am also contemplating moving the system 5-6 meters away to the side of the room to clear the rest of the sound stage (leaving only the amp out center-stage). In this scenario the cost of new 2m and 6m interconnects of the level I am testing may demand that I spread the money available across the system accordingly.

Thanks for everyone's feedback!
I currently use the D03 with the G25 clock/upconverter. I use the Apple TV as a source as I have all my CD's on my computer. From my experience so far, music off a hard drive sounds as good or better than the best transports. The Apple TV does benefit from placement on a maple platform with vibration control and from upgrading the power cord.

I think the clock makes a huge difference. If I were you I would upgrade to the G-Orb rubidium clock and the D-01 dac and use a hard drive based system as a source. The Apple TV is as good as any and it has Itunes as a built in excellent music server.

Sorry just looked at your system and I see you have the G-Orb already! I still think you should check out Apple Tv as a source.
1350 = Thanks for your feedback. I will check out the Apple Tv product for a system that I'm thinking of putting in the rest of the house for the family. Thanks!