Moving Coil Transformers And Preamps...Which ones

Who is good and who is bad here? As I approach getting my feet wet for the first time with ownership of a possible Benz-Micro or Denon Moving Coil cartridge...I have to ponder about MC transformers and preamps. I have heard it said by some with more smarts and knowledge than I that certain ones "pump"! Pump??? What does this term refer to? I am curious because as stated earlier...I am just getting my feet wet with my first mc purchase. I have owned over 100 mm carts over the past 40 years from both ends of the price spectrum {$10 to $140 street...OM 40 Gold ...Shure V-15 VMR...etc. etc...} so am pretty well versed in phono cartridge attributes and pitfalls. I also just ordered a TCC TC-160LC preamp for $80 brand new which is designed to compete with the NAD PP-2. It has a Hi-Lo switch and features two sets of inputs for both mm & mc types of transducers. The rest of my modest system consists of an AudioSource Amp 100, Polk R-30 cherry speakers, Pioneer TX 5500II tuner, Pioneer PL-518 tt and PE 3048 tt. But what's all the noise about certain preamps making noise? Any thoughts or comments on this???
I assume you've read through Raul's thread on cartridges.

Anyway, I've tried a few step up transformers. I liked the Stevens & Billington best. They are expensive. A cheaper and good alternative comes from Lundahl.

However, you may not need a step up. In fact, you may need a MC! Wait for yr new pre, you never know...
Step ups work great, I prefer going with a step up into my mm stage as opposed to going into the mc section of my pre.   Cinemags are a great alternative as well. Best bang for your buck is a parks audio SUT which is identical to a bobs devices which sell for 1200. The parks is around 450 I think.  I may have one I can sell if you're interested
Jensen makes excellent SUTs for low output moving coil cartridges.

Loading of the output of the SUT is critical, regardless of the SUT, for best performance!
I replaced my Conrad Johnson Premier 6 head amp with a Hashimoto HM-7 step up transformers (SUT) and I like it very much. Hashimoto SUT is consistently rated higher by audiophiles than other SUTs in the market.