Most transparent power amp

Hi there,
i would love to hear what brand that you have experienced with transparent of sounding? The kind of transparent is similiar to solid state amp like Cello, Spectral, tube amp I would think is Counterpoint SA4.

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Hands down ultimate to date is the Acoustat DD Servo OTL. It happens to be tube but could just as well be ss. Eliminating the interface is the point. That's the game changer.
I drove many speakers over many years with an SA4. I loved it. A few years ago, I moved into a smaller home and listening room, which forced me to consolidate my amp, pre, phono pre and dac into a single integrated. I was devastated by the prospect, certain my audiofool life was over. But, it wasn’t! The Devialet 220 integrated is both more transparent and dynamic in my home than the SA4 amp, SA5000 pre (both with premium gold Alta Vista upgrades), and PS Audio Perfect Wave dac it replaces. I’m driving currently a pair of Reference 3A MM de Capo BEs with a REL sub.  I never expected such fine performance from a digital amp.

IF you want Transparency the Atma-Sphere OTL has to be the first choice Coupled with the Classic Audio Loudspeakers T3.4 Project or the T1.5 Reference. This setup will challenge ANY World Class Systems REGARLESS of COST!!!

This is coming from a Guy who had them all, The OTL Amps are Superior in nearly all facets of sound except one! you are not going to able to mate them with hard to drive Speakers unless you buy the larger OTL Amps such as the MA-1 or MA-2 from Atma-Sphere.

Currently, I am loving the Job 225 and Job Pre2. Pound for pound a great amp. Best kept secret.
It's really interesting to me how many OTL's are listed here.