PC: Synergistic Tesla, Lessloss, Transparent MM

Hello, I currently have a Lessloss power cord to arrive in about 10 days. Besides the Lessloss PC, I've been reading and thinking about the great user feedback on the Synergistic Research Tesla line, and some strong user feedback about Transparent's MM. I'm trying to restore some of the cyrstalline clarity to the upper mids and highs (planar tweeter) of my Reimer Wind Rivers, while still maintaining the "meat on their bones" (the bass weight, mids fullness). I don't like cables that impart any leanness.

Will try the Lessloss on my Blue Circle BMPH integrated, replacing the Audience PC.

Any of you compared SR Tesla, Lessloss, or Transparent PC's?

Also thinking of trying the Lessloss on my PS Audio Premier if the system's upper clarity is not improved enough with the cord change on the Blue Circle integrated.
Thanks, Foster
In my post I failed to add that system dependency is a given...
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Yes Grant, I can't agree with you more that Liudas and Lessloss like other cable companies should have a 30 day money back guarantee. It will also open up more business for his company. I almost balked on the purchase in lieu of a trial period. On the issue of clarity, I have also found that with pc's it's hard to get increased clarity and weight, it seems that if you gain one, you lose the other.
I did balk on the purchase due to lack of trial period.

DCCA cables are great and they have the full, warm sound it sounds like you are looking for. And they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Just tell Don at DCCA *exactly* what sound you are looking for, and he can tailor the cable to your desires. He can increase their treble extension if you want.

The Fusion Audio Predator is an all copper foil cable which sounds fantastic on my amp. It's copper, so it doesn't exhibit any of the leaness you get with silver. But because it's a foil based cable, it's extremely fast and extended in the treble. It is very neutral and transparent, however, so if you have any lean sounding cables elsewhere (ie silver interconnects), they will not be masked by the Predators. The more expensive Fusion cables contain silver, so they may not be what you're looking for. The Fusion cables are available for audition for $20/2 weeks, and I have heard that they outperform the lesser priced Tesla power cables.

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Thanks Tomer- I already had a DCCA Musical Essence II for audition which I tried on the PS Audio Premier. There's no cables with silver in my system anywhere.
I would like to say there is a level of performance in my latest design cables that did not exsist in the previous models. They are much easier to use as well....much more flexible. Offering the musicality of previous models mixed with a clarity/resolution in the highs for much more realistic listening experience. Don DCCA Audio
What did you think about the Musical Essence II? I never tried that cable because Don told me it probably wouldn't fit with my tastes. I was looking for a power cable for my Running Springs power conditioner. I was having a problem with midbass bloat and excess bloom, so Don recommended I not try his "high current" cables and made me a modified 20A Source cable instead.

Second Don's comments on his new line, if you haven't heard the 2008 Line from DCCA, you haven't really heard his cables yet! No affiliation, very satisfied repeat customer....
What did you think about the Musical Essence II?
Electro77 (System | Threads | Answers)
The build quality of the Musical Essence II was tops. Sonically the bass and mids were strong, detail was excellent, but the upper mids/highs were somewhat constricted. In fairness to DCCA and Don, I did not give him the opportunity to make adjustments to the design of the PC as I did not have the patience to send it back to see what improvements could be garnered.
Hi Foster 9,

As Grant and other have noted the Tel Wire Cord offers a really transparent perspective which is very extended and open but smooth and glare free. Power cords, like all cables, as you mentioned, are very system dependent and maybe more so then speaker cables and interconnect. Other users have been very satisfied with the bass presentation of the cord again as we all know a lot goes in to system synergy. Right now the cord is at a special price and has a 30-day trial period.
Chris, Tel Wire
I agree that the highs in the new DCCA Reference Masters are extended and sweet. I never tried the Musical Essence II, so I can't compare them. I didn't end up keeping the Reference Masters because they were a bit too rich in the midbass and bass for my system/tastes. (And I too was guilty of being impatient and not giving Don a chance to customize them!) If you liked the midrange and bass of the Musical Essence II but just want a bit more treble extension, trying out the new DCCA cables may be a good idea! I use a modified 20A DCCA Source with rhodium plugs on my Running Springs Danielle with great results. I'm hearing nice sweet, crystaline highs through my Gallo Reference 3.1s. And I'm actually thinking about sending the cable back to upgrade to the new design.

In my experience, the Fusion Predator is nowhere near as warm as the stock DCCA Reference Master, but has a more detailed midrange, slightly more extended treble, and faster bass with less overhang. I initially thought it sounded lean, but after swapping interconnects, I found the leanness I was hearing to be originating from my silver interconnects.

As an aside, if you're at all interested in new DCCA or Fusion cables, you should know that you can probably get them for (a lot) less than the listed prices!

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Yikes! I didn't mean to step on any toes!

But I thought it's common knowledge that Fusion cables are being sold at introductory pricing right now until word gets out how good they are. I know I'm not the first person to put that in a thread!

And Don offers demo cables (when he has them available) which are for all intents and purposes, new! In fact, there's a demo ad up on Audiogon right now...

I've been dissuaded from even contacting some manufacturers in the past because I've thought I couldn't afford afford their cables, only to find out later that I could have gotten a better deal. I just think DCCA and Fusion are great cables, and I wouldn't want someone to avoid trying them because they think they can't afford them. Though I can see why that may have been a mistake... I guess I'll keep my big mouth shut in the future!

I think Don and Eric will forgive you! Both are class guys who make terrific products.

I think a better way to put it would have been that both will be able to make good recommendations from their lines based on your budget, drop them a line.
Has anyone compared the new DCCA Reference Master, Fusion Audio, Synergistic Tesla, Virtual Dynamics power cables? If so, please let us know your inpressions on these power cables.
Joey, check for an email I sent you.
To foster_9 don't shut out the Premier. it is not a bottleneck. It cleans your power and does a great job. I have one and the harmonics are solid and the noise floor is low, I average a 2.4 distortion before and 0.04 after the process, Big difference in HIFI. It might take some excitment out but it will be natural and clean. The premier is cord sensitive and I use the Airsine.
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Maybe I'm reading the OP's post incorrectly, but taking excitement out (lack of crystalline clarity to the upper mids and highs, as the OP wrote) seems to be the crux of the problem.
Tvad (Threads | Answers

Grant, your're right. This is the main issue. The bass weight, detail, resolution, and seperation of instruments, is the best it's been however.
The new Synergistic Tesla power cords are a breakthrough in the areas of sound staging and frequency extension. Email me if you want more info. You can also see my system link for listening notes on these power cords.
I don’t have any problems with lack of crystalline clarity to the upper mids and highs at all with my PPP. The power cable is critical for this unit. I have found the Synergistic Tesla Precision AC to be the best. Followed by the DCCA Reference Master and any upper model Virtual Dynamics gives this unit the clarity it needs to power my entire system. The Synergistic T3 comes in a close second. It is not as extended in the treble. Maybe the PPP is revealing another component in your system that is causing your problem.
Hey Leica_man

Did you every get that freebie VD cord? How's it compare to your Synergistics?
I don’t have any problems with lack of crystalline clarity to the upper mids and highs at all with my PPP. Joeyboynj (System | Threads | Answers)

Thanks for the reply. That's why I continue to try different power cables. I continue to remind myself of the mantra: "performance is system dependent, performance is system dependent."
I got the freebie VD cord. The Synergistic Tesla's are much better. See Leica_man's comments above. I agree totally. The soundstaging, texture and layering are above and beyond the VD PC freebie.
Joeyboynj, I'd love to try the SR Tesla Precision AC. I'm just not willing to pull from savings to spend $1300-$1500 for any power cord. I sent you several emails about the SR Tesla 3.
It's no secret that I am a big fan of Don's DCCA power cables (look at my system, I own the current Reference Masters, and older Powerwave IIs) and Eric's Fusion power cords (I own the Enchanters). For me it was all about maximizing the best qualities of the Enchanters with the best of the Ref Masters. "Too many" of either was "too much" of a good thing, but the mix of them (the Fusion Enchanters on my power supplies, and the DCCA Ref Masters on my amps) became an awesome, synergistic match where each builds on the other!

Moral of the story: careful matching is highly important, one size does not fit all, and you cannot go wrong with either, or both, DCCA and Fusion cables. I highly recommend both!
Gentlemen, thanks to all who have responded as well as emailed me. I appreciate it. I have some pondering and auditioning ahead. Any others of you, please add your thoughts to this great thread.
Foster_9, I think you made a good choice on ordering the Lessloss cord because I had mine now in system for 1 month and today I really gave them a listen to, As you are looking for clarity I think these will be your ticket.changing out a few cords to compare I noticed on a Jazz track a cow bell being played, when I put in the Lessloss cord the cow bell stood out with a shine( you can hear the ring). on the other hand my other cords sounded like a piece of wood was in the bell that lost that ring. overall the soundstage grew and found the music smoother. please let me know your finds when your cord comes in.
Foster_9, after 3 days with the Lessloss in your system you will have a great idea if it synergizes or not in your system. This is the only cord I have heard that settled into my system this fast. I think the cord is pretty much broken in when you get it and just needs to acclimate to your system. I have not heard the top of the line cords but the Lessloss is the best I have heard by quite a bit. The clarity and texture in female vocals really grabbed me and it is much easier for me to hear inner detail in the upper mids as well.

Foster_9 - Did you get the Lessloss cable or did you cancel your order. What cables are you going to try?
I'll be getting the Lessloss power cord possibly today; it will go on my Blue Circle BMPH integrated; may eventually try it on the PS Premier. Thinking of trying a Virtual Dynamics power cord for the PS Premier and still considering the Synergistic Tesla 3 for it as well. I'd like to find a good deal from a dealer if I go with the Synergistic Tesla, but there are no dealers I know of in Central Ohio. I need a 6 ft pc for the Premier and scheduled an audition of the Tesla 3 from the Cable Company, but later found out they only have the standard length Tesla cords which are 5ft. Why SR chose 5ft to be the standard length for this line of cords is a mystery to me. With the PC on the Blue Circle and the one on the Premier, my sonic goal is to maintain the weight and fullness I currently have and to add upper mids detail and clarity with clarity in the highs.
FWIW, 5 ft (or 1.5 meter) seems to be the standard length for many power cords, including Virtual Dynamics too.

so what cha think of the lessloss Foster?
Trgg, in my system the Lessloss cable is very good. It brings more seperation and focus to instruments and vocals. It provides greater imaging and stereo seperation as well. It strikes me as adding precision (accuracy) to the musical presentation and is slightly to the warm side of neutral. In my system it has made the musical presentation more natural and less artificial. Over time with the Lessloss in place, the bass and midbass has filled in with firmness and power. I currently have it on my PS Premier.
Update: I moved the Lessloss pc back to the Blue Circle BMPH integrated and put an SR Tesla T3 I'm auditioning on the Premier. The Lessloss is better on the integrated amp. This combination worked better together to improve the upper mids and highs in the sonic presentation.
Foster 9 & anyone that's interested: if you want that final 10% out of your system try Tesla Powercords. I've used Harmonic tech, MIT's, NBS and the Synergistics are a component in and of themselves. Leica_man is correct and I can vouch; in my personal system I've never had such layering, air, back-to-front depth and just "rightness" coming from my system. And, the Teslas are reasonably priced! IMO, can't lose.
Did you get a chance to listen to two T3's-one on the Blue Circle and one on the Premier or was this a decision based on two different combinations with the Lessloss on one component and the Tesla on the other, and vise versa? If this was based on which combination sounded best then your conclusion regarding the T3 on your Blue Circle could change with one T3 on your Premier and another T3 on your integrated-I find Tesla cables sound their best when used through out a system.

Also where did you find the Lessloss for audition?
Hi Leica_man, I didn't get the chance to listen to 2 T3's on audition since I'm only in the market for one. Lessloss doesn't have an audition program. I own the Lessloss pc and was initially trying to determine between it and the T3, which one would add more clarity in the upper mids and highs when connected to the PS Premier. The T3 to Premier, Lessloss to Blue Circle integrated ended up being the best combination as opposed to the reverse. With the expense involved,(though cheap compared to the Dream Catchers, Stealths, VD Revelations, Purist Audios, and Nordosts of the world), I'm only willing to spend dollars on a limited number of power cords. I'd love to outfit an entire system with one company or another's cables if the cost wasn't prohibitive.
Leica_man, Foster could just reverse what you said and use two Lessloss cords because the same thing happens when you use more of the Lessloss cords in the system. I have a hunch that if you had two of each in the system you would find a very good combo.
Update: I ended up in not purchasing the T3 I was auditioning. After trying it on my Blue Circle BMPH after a long settling in period I tried it on my PS Premier. On the Premier it was causing my system to be very fatiguing.
I don't own any Lessloss power cords, nor have I ever auditioned them, but here is a new promotional price "if" you post a review within the first week of owning them:


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I agree. Bad marketing now turned the used price of this cable to around $200 at best. Great for us who just paid $500. It will be hard to trust any reviews now knowing they were bought.
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I agree. Irksome indeed, paid full price for one of these...and it isn't sitting well now!
Let me be counted as well. This advertising strategy is an insult to those of us who like myself bought a cord based on the many steller reviews and the positive feedback here on Audiogon.
Dear Tvad, Hi5harry, Yo2tup, and Bander:

Thank you for bringing up this issue.

Yes, it can be said that I am paying for exposure, in the sense that the 'normal' route would be to purchase ready- made advertising slots, but in my case, I am certainly not paying for any of the improvised, genuine content! There is a difference. This difference is based on the fact that I aknowledge this community and its critics, and believe in the LessLoss power cable. Paying for traditional ads is just pumping money into brainwashing. I want to utilize more of the power of the internet, which ideally is made up of individual people, not of big, anonymous marketing budgets. That's my view.

The fact that the reviews appear does not mean that people do not want to write them. In fact, they are not even obliged. I ask them to voice an honest opinion. Whether they do so or not is their affair, not mine.

It has been made explicitly clear that I desire publication only of the most honest depiction of one's experience with the LessLoss power cord. Nothing could be more tasteless than blatantly purchasing positive content from individuals. In that case it would be better to just purchase ad space and filling it myself without involving the user. The freedom to express whatever one wants is core to the success of any community. I am sure that the organizers of Audiogon would ban any payed review content as it would neccessarily compromise the freedom and foundation of the forums' success, and, hence, that of the entire Audiogon community and business.

I am sensitive to and understand well the feelings that you are experiencing, having bought the LessLoss power cable at normal pricing, and now seeing that a rebate is being offered.

As a gesture of goodwill, I will therefore offer to those who have purchased LessLoss power cables within the past three months (since Jan 1st, 2008) automatic inclusion into the current one-year rebate offer. This means that you will all receive 30% off of your next purchase of LessLoss power cords during the next one-year period, beginning today. (no April Fool's joke...) It is my sincere hope that this will be accepted in a positive way, and understood correctly.

One has to draw the line somewhere; your understandable comments here have convinced me that a "gray" or "fuzzy" line is the most diplomatic and righteous way to proceed in this case. Please accept this as a gesture of my genuine thanks for your purchase of LessLoss cables in the past, the present, and the future. You guys are great teachers. Thank you.

I must say when I started this thread I never expected it to morph into these latest posts! As a Lessloss customer there is a lot I could say. This new Lessloss pc offer is not a good thing for many who previously purchased their cord, particularly those who aren't buying any more or decide to sell theirs in the classifieds.