Transparent Reference vs Reference w/ XL

I have a pair of older version Musicwave Reference speaker cables. Has anyone compared this version with the newer Reference with XL. I love these cables. Is newer always better??
In the case of the reference cables, it seems that way. There is a bigger difference if you go up to the Ref XL and bypass the ref with XL. You will not be disappointed.
I agree with above. I brought home a pair of reference with XL technology to compare to my reference. I could not discern much of a difference at all. IMHO the reference and ultra with xl technology is a lot of marketing hype. I have not yet brought home the reference XL which is a different beast altogether according to my dealer.
Krocdoc, have you compared Ultra with XL to without? I have a pair and was considering having them upgraded to XL status and was wandering if you thought it would be worth the 300 bucks? thanks in advance.
No money, I have not heard the Ultra vs Ultra XL speaker cables. I do however know someone who had an Ultra balanced 1M and a Ultra with XL balanced cable, and he felt there was not much difference between the two.
Actually I was talking about I.C's, sorry should have clarified that. They are single ended but this does at least give me an idea. Thanks for the reply.