Morch UP-4 toenarm concerns

I just purchased a Morch UP-4 Arm with red dot,and
internal silver wire added but have a concern.It is
extremely difficult for me to get the toearm to lower
itself down to the record playing surface.It seems to take almost a full minute before it finally touches down to the record playing surface,and then once it finishes playing the LP side,when I lift the toenarm up after the end of the record the toenarm barely lifts up at all.Whats going on here ANY SUGGEGTIONS.I need some help!
While adding the fluid to the arm lift cylinder, you probably touched and contaminated the wall of cylinder with the silicone fluid. The fluid is quite sticky.
Remove the piston and clean the cylinder, then add the fluid but make sure it goes straight to the bottom.
This should solve it.
I can e-mail you a copy of the instructions if you need it.
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Regards and enjoy the music.