Moon 390/330a cables

Can you suggest which Xlr interconnet will be perfect for Moon 390+ Moon 330a combo and which power cable for 390?

Moon gear will respond very well to the very best cables you can afford.

I would recommend anything from the Nordost Line that fits your budget

I have the LP5.3 RS phono stage and using the very best cables (power and IC's) with it made this unit soar to levels of performance I had not previously encountered.

Anything less is doing an injustice to your units - they can provide excellent sound quality when allowed too.

Hope that helps - Steve

I own a SimAudio Moon 390 and I concur with Steve. Using really good cables benefits the 390.
I found the Analysis Plus Ultimate Oval power cords to be great cords. I also found Synergistic Research Euphoria power cords to be exceptionally good. I could use either and be super happy.

As for IC, my testing showed the SR Excite and Euphoria to be very good balanced and unbalanced IC's. I have not found anything else that betters them so far. 

I try not to make my life into a double blind cable tester. I prefer listening to music.