Monster Cable Interconnects?

How good are Monster Cable M1000i interconnects?
I think most audiophiles would say "decent, but not outstanding". If you have the budget for the M1000i's, let me suggest several other alternatives. First, look for used cables - you'll save money, they are broken in, and if you don't like them you haven't lost everything since you can often re-sell used cables for about what you paid. There are lots of good used cables here on Audiogon, and there is another Web site called "" - a division of Fatwyre - that also sells used cables. With regard to specific brands/models: Kimber Kable is always near the top of my list for fairly priced cables - their Silver Streak cable is a very good buy, particularly used. I have also used AudioQuest cables for a number of years and have found them to be good performers for the price. Their Ruby x3 Hyperlitz cables are available used, and represent a very good value. Their Topaz model has also been recommended by Stereophile as a good budget cable. There are also two other new companies that are offering excellent, custom-built cables at very low prices. The first is a company called "" - I bought some video component, S-VHS, and digital co-ax from them and was very impressed with the build quality and performance. The other company you should check is "Home Grown Audio", which is making all-silver and silver-copper interconnects at fantastic prices. If you will see my recent post titled "Silver Cables - Great Price!!", you can get the details. You will find there is a lot of debate regarding cables and their various merits (or lack thereof). What you should keep in mind is "trust your ears". If you can't hear differences or improvements between cables, buy the less expensive model.
Junk=Monster.You can do so much better for same.
SD & TM are correct, at $200 for 1m new for Monster M1000 there are much better copper cables available, Monster sounds soft missing fine detail and no extended 3D soundstage.....most people buy them to tame bright system, but you sacrifice good sound...........superoir in all respects is the single crystal copper HT Truthlink at $250 for 1m new, and $125 used here at Audiogon, Sam.....BTW I am currently testing the AP oval 9 IC in this price range, will report when test is over