Monster Cable HTS 3500 MKII power conditioner

ANyone have experience with Monster Cable HTS 3500 MKII, HTS 5100 or 7000 power conditioners? I need something with a delayed turn-on sequence. Troy
Yes, it's (3500) an OK unit and a good value, for what it does. I've seen them here for around $159 new.
Good Luck!

I have the hts 3500mk2 and like it much, plus it can be bought cheap.

I use a modified BPT signature 3.5 as my main pc but also have the monster in the rack too. The monsters can do things the cost no objects cant. I like that it turns on when my processor turns on, so a couple lights turn on for instance. My whole system is housed in a walk in closet so that is handy. I also like that it has in and outs for sat and roof top antenna in case of lightning.

Having a voltage meter is nice too.

The monster is no BPT sig 3.5 for sound though.

For the price you cant go wrong.
Check out I just bought the Belkin PF60 for $184.96 shipped.