Mono Cart or Stereo Summed for Beatles MONO UK???

So - i ahve 2 tables -
one is a TD124 setup with a SME M2-12r, Benz Ruby Z, into a Bob's SUT, C11pre, MC240, and a Pair of JBL 4311b - i love it.

problem is - i've been buying up all the original MONO pressings of the Beatles In NM condition that I can find - and i'm not quite convinced that this setup (while stunning on the MFSL collection) isn't as impressive when playing the Old MONO recordings (even running in Mono mode)

so - my 2nd table - A Thorens TD135 is going to be setup as my MONO only table. It has the MK1 Btd-12s tonearm and i currently have a London Decca Super Gold cart on it, although the table is out of the plinth at the moment for refinshing so i cant' really A/B compare. - but i'm probably going to sell that and invest in a proper mono cart.

couple of questions - by comparison, the Decca picks up more grove noise than the Benz, but its still a very nice cart - I'm not sure if the stylus profile is larger than the Benz - probably not, but i'm wondering if it would be more appropriate for the mono recordings - or should i simply buy something appropriate with a conical stylus for these recordings???

Any help or insight would be great -
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I would say your on the right track in going for a Mono cartridge to replace the Decca London, which is a great
cart, but may? do damage to your mono recording.

Check out a Ortofon M2 in Mono, but it's going to cost you.
Grado use to make a good mono cart,but I'm not sure if it's still about? Good luck.
Have a look at the Denon 102 it is a true mono cartridge with conical stylus.
There are number of good mono cartridges, as I've been looking and comparing myself over the course of time. At the top are the Lyra and Miyajima mono's like the Titan or the Zero. There are the Ortofon SPU's for the wider grooves of the 1950's. There is the Ortofon Cadenza, the Benz mono, the Audio Technica AT33 and the various level Grado mono cartridges such as the Sonata. Also, look to see if a mono cartridge is a true mono or a stereo cartridge which was strapped for mono. I believe in these mono cartridges for a number of reasons.